Official game announcement

On the 11th of April the Partisans game was announced in media. The press release was published on 22 resources focused on games, including Pikabu, Games.mail, Games.rambler, Playground, Stopgame, etc.

“Players will assemble their own squad of unique characters with their own personalities, habits and background. In Partisans there are more than 10 characters, but whether it is a hunter Oldman Trofim or shy nurse Varenka, each character has his own strengths and weaknesses. But they all have the same goal and all of them became soldiers against their will.

Our development team is really glad that the game aroused in audience a keen interest and that there are a lot of positive comments. Users discussed similar projects, made comments about concept arts and first screenshots, spoke about the plot and the war history, about gameplay and other peculiarities of the project. Many people expressed a wish to participate in closed testing.

“Creating great tactical games is, perhaps, kind of a national feature. Hope this project will become a quality product, keep fingers crossed. Varenka is cool!”
(DeadRaven, Shazoo)

“This is amazing! I am waiting for this game. If the vibe is OK (and by all appearance it is), I will be playing for hours (as I played in Death to Spies)”.
(Nikolay Kostoprav, DTF)

“In my childhood, when I just got acquainted with a computer and dreamt about making games (this ended up with development in bloody enterprise), I saw on TV a Soviet film about partisans and civilians’ resistance in occupied territory. At that time I set my heart upon creating such game when I grow up. Well… I didn’t, but I have great expectations for these guys =)”.
(Xander27, Pikabu)

The team expresses gratitude to all future players for their trust and continues working on the first game build, that will be tested in the coming months.