First closed testing

The Alter Games team is preparing the game for the first closed testing, that will take place in offline, on one of the Moscow’s playgrounds.

At the beginning of May we started to accept applications from everyone who wants to take part in tests (not only in the first, but in following tests as well). The testing is fixed for the first half of July, developers will contact players who are ready to participate a week before the occasion. During the testing the first testers will be able to estimate about 30 minutes of gameplay, will get acquainted with the control of a partisan detachment, a base and weapons, and, of course, they will be asked to give detailed feedback about their first playing experience. Our team has a lot to do, and such feedback can help us to make the project more interesting.

If you want to take the part in other closed testings of Partisans, please, fill in our Tester’s form (link: https://goo.gl/forms/ilF9fVjKMo0SvSCe2), and we will contact you.