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Partisans is a real-time tactical strategy with non-linear type of storytelling. This game is about soviet partisans and their activity during World war II. It’s focused on harsh reality in those times, when many people became reluctant heroes, and every feat required its price, and sometimes this price was extremely high.

The game shows the war from a new, poorly explored angle. However, it is not a historical simulator, Partisans offers a unique interpretation of those times’ events. The game shows partisans’ everyday life, which is full of cold, hunger and wounds. Still there is a room for joy as well. Players would have to make tough choices, for example, they’ll have to decide whether to help civilians and betray their position or to walk past and stay unnoticed. The game give opportunities to prove oneself in a fight, to overcome the superior forces of the enemy using cunning and mother wit , and to leave the field when the situation is really bad.

Паравоз Деревья Человек в деревьях Двое в деревьях
Дом Фашисты и мотоцикл Партизаны за бревнами


Partisan war is a sabotage war. Forget about open fights, that are usual in games about World War II, in which a lone ranger breaks through thousands of enemies. Discover a multifaceted tactical game in which intelligence, patience and caution get the win. Explore the territory, plan attacks, avoid detecting and deal fatal strikes on the enemies’ superior forces.


You’ll have to become the commander of partisans, to lead a squad and to form the relations system. The main character finds himself in the rear of German troops and gathers a squad of local residents and the surviving Red Army’s soldiers. Complicated moral choices and problems with discipline in the squad – all these things are part of the commander’s everyday life. Your squad will consist of more than 10 characters, each with a unique biography and personality. Among them are trained soldiers and ordinary people from cities and villages, who lost their home and family because of war.


The game combines several modes: real-time missions, base management and strategic campaign management. In strategic mode you’ll have to open new areas on the global map, send the partisans for scouting and select missions for the squad. Some locations are must, they will lead you through the main plotline. However exploring hidden areas can help you to get random missions that could also affect the squad’s story.


настоящие герои


Game events occur mainly in Pskov oblast and cover the fall of 1941 and the beginning of 1942. You will get in a historical military setting with a description of that time’s events — realistic enough to be truthful. This is the other side of the war, much less known than front-line battles.
The plotline does not reflect the life of any particular person, but it is based on what could happen in reality — in this very place and at this very time. Characters have real prototypes, and events take place in recognisable landscapes, but the story leaves opportunities for fiction.

освещение и погода


In the battle there often is an opportunity to go right through, but partisans prefer sabotage war. Therefore, stealth mode will be the most advantageous in confrontation with superior enemy forces. Besides, each partisan in the game is unique and has several active skills. Tactical break allows players to combine actions and plan the battle beforehand.
Select characters for missions carefully, taking into account their characteristics, develop your battle strategy using shelters, diversion maneuvers and other ways to eliminate enemies.

смена сезонов


Environmental conditions will not let you relax: raids take place throughout the day and night in any weather. However don’t be afraid to go the enemy territory at night or when it’s raining as changing conditions affect your enemies, making them less attentive and more vulnerable. Environmental conditions can mix and overlap.
Partisans’ story takes place during several seasons with different weather conditions. So missions may differ, and the correct choice of squad members and accurate planning can be really important.



You need to build your own camp for effective recreation and developing your squad. There all the partisans will gather and listen your commands, there they will be treated after the battle and prepare for new missions. Also in the base you will be able to take your time and improve your weapon in relaxed atmosphere or to discuss with the squad completed tasks or to chat with others.
The base also has a warehouse, where you can keep weapons and supplies received in missions, and areas for production of various tools and explosives that will be useful to you in battles.

Move your mouse to start the animation
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